Easy App Reports - Google Play & App Store Data Connector

Easy App Reports - App Store & Google Play connector
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Still handling CSVs manually? You deserve better.

  • Visualize your Google Play & App Store data on Data Studio
  • No coding required
  • Build the dashboard of your dreams. Free up your time so you can focus on your app's growth

Who was it built for?

🧑‍💻 Entrepreneurs looking for a clear view on revenue and growth

👔 Agencies and consultants looking for ways to automatize reports for clients and visualize lots of data in one place

🤓  ASO experts looking for ways to see if their optimizations are paying off

🕵️‍♀️ Marketing and Product folks that wants to track their growth and spot opportunities on the fly

The Product 

🤯 Unlimited Apps: import data from all apps under your developer account

🛠 Supported Platforms: iOS, Mac and Google Play Apps

🗓 Data Availability: Google Play: all time. Apple: last 12 months


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Access to both App Store and Google Play connectors so you can connect your data directly to Data Studio.

Number of Apps
All within your developer account
App Store Connect (iOS and MacOS) + Google Play Console
Chrome Extension, App Store connector, and Google Play connector.


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$75 a month

Easy App Reports - Google Play & App Store Data Connector

6 ratings